Hack "Uh oh...I think he means us!
Chat Lyra and Zero
Colonel The most powerful leader in historeee!
Red Draco Red looking smug
Sigma Sigma being his bad self
Colonel II Colonel minus his cute little cap
Sigma II A tribute to Dr. Evil!
Scotty I had a supervisor named Scot. He swore a lot.
Zero Zero's startled
Dreams Colonel dreams of a chicky
Touch! He even TOUCHES a chicky!
Violin Colonel plays the violin
Daphne How friendly she is!
Noogie! Poor teasable...
Rest Zero working hard :P
Huggies! Biiiiig hug!
X mas Merry Xmas, kiddies!
Red Draco II Reddy hunting worthy prey :P
Babysitter Duo the babysitter...hmmm....
Refresh Colonel under construction
Zero and Red Red sampling Zero ;P
CC Calvin Colonel
Duo Chibi Duo...that's an oxymoron.
Pose Colonel poses and ponders.
Macbeth Colonel reads Macbeth
Fan club Colonel is quite adored
Sigma Delta Keen coat, no? :)
Chibi Duo Ever so cute :)
Dratini The ever-famous "Dratini's go 'Mwee!'"
Smile! ...that's right!
Snow Chibi Duo likes the snow!...ew.
Gear up Lyra in full battle gear
Sasha Sasha, a Colonel worshipper
Swoon! Le gasp! Le faint!
Runner A wee robot runner creature
Asmodeus 12 The ancient silver Mechadrake from TTYW
Chibi Chibi Colonel!
Cowboy Cowboy Colonel!
Orca Free Willy! NOW!
Nappy Hope Duo's a light sleeper...
Polkamon "Polka Dot?" "Why not?"
Red and Lyra Red eyes Lyra's beer with intrest...
Surprise! :D
Swing! Pin Stripe Riot!
Duo "What's so goddamn funny?!"
Dead Creepy...yet oddly compelling.
Witch! "And your little dog, too!"
Zero Pose Sexy Boy strikes a pose!
(New!) Brad Brad from Wild ARMs II
(New!) Jedis "The hate is strong in this one!"
(New!) Koji Oh my God, he has no legs!
(New!) Lyra New Lyra!
(New!) Pulp He he he...
(New!) Red Red down to serious business...
(New!) Toki No legs pt II
(New!) Colonel Colonel's back!