Split Megaman and X. Great effect!
X4 A neat "poster" for Megaman X4.
Shotoman Here's Shotoman....
Protoman ...and Protoman!
Worship Shotoman adores Ryu even more than Sakura. Gasp!
Serenade A mascot from Engine of Destruction
Proto & Mega Proto and Megaman at play
Thief! An adorable SD Rock and Blues!
Zero and Proto Zero and Protoman. They look fierce ;)
Bass Fine lookin' young man.
Hadouken! I love those things.
Megamen Blue bombers, past and present. :)
Zero Oh come now, like THIS needs an explanation?
Rocky ...Or this?
Blues ...dangit, don't start!
Shoot"Watch where you put that finger."
MariosAll My Marios
HeroesChampions of Justice
Bad menChampions of Kicking Puppies
DoctorsTrust them. They're doctors. (CG by Tabby)
(New!) Pony"I'll name her Princess and ride her every day!"
(New!) VolleyballIt'd be funny if Zero, no, it'd be horrible. Poor Iris. Cough.