It's been six months since the destruction of Sigma, and wouldn't you just know it? Not a gosh-darn thing has changed.

Sigma's dead (sure), but his followers remain, wafting unrest in their evil wake. Megaman X and the Maverick Hunters decide something has to be done about this. Their search leads them to a factory...

In the meantime, three "X-Hunters" (ugh) are plotting X's downfall. Serges, Agile and Violen all hold a piece of the scattered Zero, and if X wants the parts, X has gotta scrap for 'em.

The story can go two ways. If X neglects to get the parts, Zero will be rebuilt and brainwashed by Sigma (yeah, he comes back). He'll attack X, and good luck to you when you try to beat him, sir. You'll waste valuable sub-tanks before your fight with Sigma himself.

If X gets the parts, Sigma will approach X with a Zero clone which Zero will susequently rush in and destroy. And your sub tanks will be happy.

Either way, you fight Sigma and the ending is the same...X standing on a cliff (with Zero, this time) pondering war and shit.


No, this isn't my favourite X game. You could tell, eh?

It certainly wasn't a bad game--I have yet to see a bad Megaman game. The graphics were wonderful, and it was hard to be impressed by SNES graphics after the release of Donkey Kong Country. The Mavericks were cool, too.

The music was meh. Wheel Gator had some funky stage tunes, but everything else was computer generated noise. And the game play was way too familiar, even for a Megaman game.

The "Rabbit" ride armour and the "Turbo Cheval" landchaser were wiggy, though. So was the Speed Burner.

If you're a Megaman fan, this game won't disappoint you. Or it will. I don't know anymore. Megaman fans can be testy.