I've put this in alphabetical order. Oy, what a list. Special thanks to Megaman Network--not for them and their insanely complete character list, I surely would've missed someone. And then we would've had a sad reploid. And a sad reploid is only a step away from an angry reploid. And an angry reploid is only a stone's throw from a Maverick tear-your-bastard's-heart-out reploid.



Agile is a, um, "X-Hunter." X Hunters pretty much do what you'd expect--they hunt deer. No, really, the X-Hunters are a trio created to give X woes. Each Hunter holds a part to Zero, and X must fight them to retrieve bits of his friend. Isn't that lovely?

As you might expect from his subtle name, Agile is fast. And he's a creep. A forgettable one, at that.



"Alia" is what happens when Capcom makes too many Megaman spin offs and get their facts muddled. Alia is meant to be a "navigator" for the Hunters, same as there are navigators for diggers in Megaman Legends. The only problem is, who the feck needs a navigator for a 2D game?! The same kind of person who needs a compass to locate their ass.

It wouldn't be so bad if Alia didn't break in at the worst times to spout her advice. In the middle of a vital jump: "Don't eat the toxic waste, X!" "Don't point that nuclear warhead at your eye, Zero!" Thanks, Alia! Whoops, look at that, your prattle causted me to mistime my jump. Down I go into oblivion.

Still, she's not bad. She's the first cool looking, non-wussy female character in the X series, and she can be very amiable when she shuts her big yap.

Alia is very hardcore with her facts. She's always prattling on about data and statistics. She's "not interested in miracles" and refuses to believe that X's remarkable recovery after fighting Maverick Zero might've involved some devine intervention.

In X6, Alia shows some little nudges of affection towards X. Here we go...



Berkana/Belcana/Velcana/Whatever you Like is a "Soul Eraser." She sucks the souls out of reploids and uses them for her own twisted needs and oh god I'm going to stop now before this bio gets to vulgar.

Berkana works under the supervision of Sigma. Oh my, isn't that a surprise? Her partner, Gareth wished to stop X and Zero while they were still disoriented about what the hell was going on on Laguz Island, but Berkana refused. She wanted them at full strength when she "met" them. That means she's overconfident and stuff.

Sidenote: She wants to get into X's pants. Wanted to, rather. She's dead now. And her little knight, too.



There's really not much to Bit. Along with his supposed friend, Byte, they make up the "Nightmare Police" that serve Doppler. They encounter X, yadda yadda. X beats them and ponders why.

I have to give props, though... "Nightmare Police" sounds really cool.



There's really not much to Byte. Along with his supposed friend, Bit, they make up the "Nightmare Police" that serve Doppler. They encounter X, yadda yadda. X beats them and ponders why. [/shitty template]



Here's some little known history on Colonel, courtesy of Megaman X Online and its translated Rockman X resources. Repliforce wanted to build the perfect fighting machine--a soldier with pride, honour, and strength. But this soldier was also to be compassionate and loving. Someone could've saved Repliforce a lot of time and effort if someone told them ages ago that firecrackers and water have never mixed. Needless to say, the two halves rejected each other and became two seperate reploids--Colonel being the "honour, power and pride" and Iris being the "love, candy and puppydogs."

Colonel and Zero were good buddies until Zero decided to prove his friendship by accusing Colonel and the Repliforce of being Mavericks. They fought, Colonel died with honour, and it was nice to see somebody die happy for a change.



I don't care what anyone says, I don't care if he ripped up Hunters in gouts of blood, he's so cute before he transforms. I just want to jump in the game and smack his bottom.

Double posed as a Hunter for a while, an assistant to X as he battled Repliforce. He eventually revealed his true form--a big ugly thing with something weird on his crotch. He killed the Hunters who witnessed his transformation and was in turn killed by X. Such is the circle of life, Simba.



Yes, I admit that Douglas is cuddly. Damn you.

Douglas works as a mechanic with the Hunters and oversees the re-construction of the Enigma Cannon and Space Shuttle in X5. He's a cheerful bloke ... how many Megaman X characters do you see smiling?

DR. CAIN Dr. Cain, a dirt-digger, found X's capsule while digging for ancient plant life. He took a good long leak on common sense by copying X's design into future "reploids" without following Dr. Light's warning (a reploid's systems, untested, are very unstable). Oh look. Mavericks.

Dr. Cain hasn't been physically seen since X4. Naturally, Megaman X fans (who are famous for jumping at shadows) assume he's dead. I'm going to give it a little more time.



Dr. Doppler discovered that Mavericks kill humans because an evil virus tells them to. He comes up with a vaccine for the virus, and everyone is happy. Until he goes Maverick himself. Oops. Who wants a tasty placebo?

X brings Doppler to justice, and Doppler does the "Oh my God what have I done" bit. Then he pleads temporary insanity, blaming his muddled head on Sigma's influence. Hoorah.

DR. LIGHT In the X timeline, Light is long dead, but his spirit lives in in the form of holograms. He gives armour upgrades to X in every game.

In X5, Zero finally gets a chance to meet Light. The two have an interesting conversation--it would appear that Light's presence calms down Zero, and Zero seems happy to talk to him. Nice.

Stupid theory I have: I believe that Light figures out, by the time you get Zero's Ultimate Armour, that Zero is Wily's creation.



Please, please PLEASE. If you're one of those fans who has to contest every little thing the X series throws at us, don't ever come up to me and say, "How can you prove that it's WILY in Zero's dreams?!?!?!" I WILL KILL YOU. And then I'll get my husband to kill you. And then I'll let my parents' dogs go pee pee on you.

It's WILY in Zero's dreams. Let's see. Lab coat. Wild hair. Crazy disposition. "W" and Skull insignias. The Black Devil. Insta-Kill rays. It must be Professor Oak! Who else could it be? Seriously, is Capcom capable of a bigger plot twist than "Wily is Zero's creator?" The answer is, of-bloody-course-not.

Huff...huff...sigh. Anyway, Zero is indeed Wily's boy, and Sigma even refers to him as such during their final battle in X5. By the time he croaks at the end of the afore mentioned, Zero kind of realizes it. Until that moment, he was tormented with nightmares about his bloody past.

Who doesn't love bumbling Dr. Wily? Who didn't pity him when he said he had no toys when he was a kid? (put down your hand.)



Although he serves no real purpose, Dynamo is severely likable. And he has a double-sided lightsabre. That's an extra ten points. And cool music. Ten more points.

Dynamo often encounters X and Zero, just to slow them down and piss them off. This bought time for Sigma to get his claws deeper into schemes. And he served his purpose. He never allowed himself to be killed--he always flees before the final blow is dealt.



Gareth is Berkana's protector. He fights with honour and isn't nearly as reckless as his mistress. Or so I've been told. I haven't gotten that far in Xtreme 2 yet.

At any rate, he's dead now, and nothing I can do will change that. So sad. :(



After the Eurasia incident exploded the world and Zero, Gate happened to find a bit of Zero's DNA, with which he built Hi-Max, the Zero Nightmare, and then went insane. Don't try to make sense of it, just understand that Gate is a top-notch Reploid Researcher who worked alongside Alia. His reploids eventually went berserk, and had to be destroyed, often with Alia's help.

Gate was the first reploid to crack and analyse Zero's data, so he's proud of that. Ultimately, he wished to be able to control the last, troubled bit of the reploid population that remained on earth after the Eurasia incident. After he was beaten by X, he was brought back to Alia, who said she'd try to rebuild her former friend.

I still say that Alia and Gate were an item at one point, but no one listens to me.

GEEMEL Geemel would be a very forgettable X-Hunting character if it weren't for his stupid laughs, immortalized by sites like Zany Videogame Quotes. "Kekeke!" "Fufufufu!" "Harharhahr!"

Bonus fact, "Geemel" is a hebrew letter. Makes a "G" sound. Geemel has a partner, Zain. A Zain is also a hebrew letter, and is a mirror-flip of a Geemel. Oooo. See, I got something out of hebrew school besides learning how to whip chalk at teachers with deadly accuracy.



General is big. Very big. Very very big. He's a very calm figure who rules the Repliforce with a gentle but steadfast fist. He reminds me of a rock. A plain, grey rock.

General isn't happy about being called a Maverick and declares his independence from the humans. For whatever reason, the Hunters turn Nazi and decide that free thought is evil bad. Down goes General. General says that he was mislead by Sigma ("He was encouraging free thought amongst reploids! What a bastard!") and he uses what's left of his battered body to stop the Final Weapon--a giant cannon pointed at Mother Earth.

Since General has a stained glass window of the Virgin Mary, I'm going to guess he's Catholic. Seems a lot of reploids are.



A big flying tank of a reploid created with Zero's DNA. He claimed to be an investigator hired to unravel the mystery of the Zero Nightmare, and is a real ho to bring down in battle.



(See Colonel's bio info for Iris' origins.)

Capcom may have given Iris' name thought. Iris, in Greek Myth, was the messenger goddess of the rainbow, constantly going back and forth between the Gods and Humans, telling them to shut the feck up already. Iris in the game has a similar conflict. She's very close to her brother, Colonel, but she's in love with Zero, a Hunter. And when the two sides begin to fight, there goes Iris' sanity. When Zero kills Colonel, Iris snaps and attacks Zero. As she dies, Iris admits she loves Zero. Friggin' AWWWWWW!

People ask why I call Iris a crackwhore. It's nothing personal against her, really. Just a running gag I had with Colonel and the Hunters finding Iris on the cover of Crackwhore Magazine ("Goddamnit! My sister is not on the cover of Crackwhore Magazine!") Granted, I don't LOVE Iris--why is she in a dress? But I don't hate her. I just don't think she's grand.



A reploid designed to look like an old man with a paper towel dispenser on his head. Looks and acts suspiciously like Dr. Wily. Might even be Dr. Wily, as he's very obessed with Zero's doings, internal workings, that sort of thing. When Zero rushed towards Isoc to cream him, Isoc froze him on the spot, gloating that he knew all about his systems. During a later encounter, Isoc was found as a dead, hollow shell, but there was no bodily damage. It's unknown how he was deactivated, or where his spirit floats nowadays.



Lifesaver is a very "harumph harumph" no-nonsense reploid medic. He takes his work very seriously and is puzzled to Hades by Zero's resistence to the Maverick Virus. He snitches to Signas, who agrees to secretly keep an eye on Zero. Lifesaver's gets to say, "I told you so" when Zero goes to battle in Wily's abandoned fortress, a place that's crawling with the virus, and yet Zero is unaffected. This time, he snitches to X, who confronts Zero about his weird immunity. Lifesaver starts more crap than prune juice.



Megaman X is a righteous dude, and our hero. If it came down to a fight between Captain Planet and Megaman X, my money would be on Getty Lee from Rush.

Megaman X ("X" to his friends--no wait, Sigma calls him "X" too. Nevermind.) hates fighting. So instead of assisting humans while they rebuild their Maverick-ravaged world, he proves his distaste for violence by blowing shit up over and over.

MIDDY Poor little green Middy. He was a computer genius hired by the Hunters to secure the raped Mother Computer. Instead of getting money for his services, he got dead. Apparently, he shared a CPU with his twin brother, Techno, and died when Techie died. Damn cutbacks.



Serges is another "X Hunter", and Capcom would have you believe he's the leader. There's not much else to him, so, uh...yabba dabba doo?



Sigma. The bad dude, without fail. He started out as the leader of the Maverick Hunters, but then "decided" that humans are filthy pigs, and should be slaughtered for their bacon. While he started out as more of a revolutionist, now he's almost as insane (and predictable) as Dr. Wily. But as I mentioned before, he makes a different case in X6. It's actually pretty freaky.

If there's one character I love to write, it's Sigma. I had ever so much fun with him in Bass is Not a Fish. He's easy as bread and butter to characterize, and he always comes out cool. If more people wrote fanfics with Sigma, there'd be no need for heaven...uh...I...sigh. Next.

Sigma is constantly trying to get Zero to realize his true potential and alignment. And it's no surprise. While he was a Hunter, Sigma was sent to investigate the insane goings-on of a "red Maverick." It was Zero, who ended up maiming and torturing the Hunter. Quite frankly, Sigma is terrified of Zero, but still intent on getting him back to the good ol' dark side.

There's a theory that Zero was the vector of the Maverick virus, and the virus was transferred to Sigma during their fight. Hence why he went mad. How very sexual.



Signas was chosen to replace Colonel and General. He makes a good job of it. Calm and cool in all situations, he's savagely likeable. He has a dab of a religious/spiritual faith in his heart, believing that X's recovery in his fifth battle against Sigma was a miracle. He's young, but professional.

TECHNO I once vowed I'd marry this little reploid. I married someone else. My life's quest is a failiure!

Techno hacked into the mother computer and caused bad stuff to happen. He died, along with his twin brother Middy, who shared his CPU. Poor cute little Techno...I'll miss your evil red eyes and scheming smile.



Oh boy. Who doesn't love Vile? You, sir! In the back, with the raised hand! Come here 'till I shoot you.

More in depth info from Megaman Network: Vile started out as one of the greatest Hunters to grace the 17th. However, he was massively violent and was shut down as a punishment. When Sigma revolted, one of his first actions was to revive the blatant Boba Fett look alike. Vile has a preference for ride armours, and it required a sacrifice from Zero in X1 to defeat his carrier. Vile was back in X3 with "The Goliath," which was easily taken down and required no fangirls to weep over the Blonde One. Vile doesn't like X and Zero. No no no.

Vile's appearence in Xtreme was shameful, and doesn't count.



He's big, he's mean, he smashes stuff. What more could you possibly need in a character?

ZAIN Zain is Geemel's friend (see Geemel's bio for naming information) and he works for Techno. He has a big sword, but he keeps his mouth shut, which puts him ten leagues above Cloud.



Zero was introduced as a kind of secondary character in X1. He sacrificed himself in the first game to save X from Vile. There's a (valid) philosophy that he was meant to stay dead, but Capcom brought him back because of popular demand (I don't blame Capcom for this. I do tons of shit on the fly. And hell, story never was the X series' strong suit).

Zero has developed a character and past that would be highly interesting and simple, if Capcom would stop mangling it. He was built by Wily, possibly as a counter to Megaman X. Some assume, given the intro to X4, that Zero killed his creator. Zero encountered Sigma as a crazed Maverick, and whupped his can. But Sigma eventually prevailed, and Zero was rebuilt by Cain. In a show of shocking irony, Zero and X have become the best of friends.

Zero died in X5, but was brought back to life, apparently by Wily (as X was brought back to life after the same battle, but by Light. Ooo, contrast). Zero keeps this to himself, however.

The fan favourite also goes through something of a personality change in X6. While kind of subdued and flavourless in the first five X games, X6 sees him as something of a smart ass.