Gather 'round me friends, and listen to this tale...HEY!!! Where are y'all goin'? I'm over HERE!! Yeah, here. Okay, sit down. Now, as I was saying...let's begin. Ahem....A long time ago , in a kingdom far, far away...

No. Wait a minute. I must've told about five million tales like this...I'm sure you people want to hear something DIFFERENT for a change...yeah, I thought so. So here's a little tale that I was told when I was a little mite.....

What would YOU do if there was a prophecy that stated you would eventually kill your best friend? I mean, sure, sometimes your friends c'n be real jerks...especially the type that like to pull down your shorts at the beach. But a friend is a friend after all....

That's what this ditty is about. And I think I should shut up before I give the whole plot away in a measly introduction. So pour yerself a mug of're gonna have to be drunk stone out of your mind to believe this tale, anyway. This is a story dealing with friendship, love, and the difficulty of finding a good parking spot at a shopping mall these days. It's the story of.......


by Red Draco

Table of Contents

  1. And Now, The Mavericks Who Need NO Intoduction...
  2. The "X" Files
  3. Platinum
  4. The Gryphon
  5. The Incredible Flight of Jimmy and Jules
  6. Phoenix and Senior el Stupido
  7. A Crimson Disaster
  8. Dominating Species
  9. Zero's Return...
  10. May the Force [Field] Be With You
  11. Hellfire
  12. A Raptor called Babykins
  13. Fiddler...uh, I mean, Raptor on the Roof
  14. Ode to Vile
  15. The Plight of the Azure Hunter, Cornholio, and the Lizard Queen
  16. The Sleeping Reploid
  17. A Gator's Gratitude