Between the Rows

You don't necessarily want to boo these guys, or cheer them just wanna smack 'em at times for not really taking any specific side. "Switzerlands," you might even call 'em...just don't say that to their faces because most of these in-betweens are Mechadrakes. Best not screw with them, boy! Well, let's all puzzle over:

RED (Lady) DRACO -- A zealous red Mechadrake who flip-flops from side to side like a banked fishie.

LORD SKYSHEEN -- Red's brother, a gentleman of a 'drake who's view on humanity is tainted after an accident.

TORRENT LEVIATHAN -- A brilliant Mechadrake scientist, a recruiter for the shady Inheritors of Eden.

ASMODEUS 12 -- The tattered but lethal silver Mechadrake in charge of the Inheritors of Eden.


CAILLOU -- An outcast in Eden

NYTETRAYN -- An unusually intelligent black Mechadrake, and Caillou's only friend.