For those of you who are shallow enough to think of every fan-made character as a Mary Sue, this section isn't for you. Come to think of it, likely nothing else on this page is, either. Yes, Mary Sues exist, but sakes, we're talking about fanfics which involve googly eyed robots. Lighten up.

For those of you who create your own characters, indulge in them, dance with them like Abigal and Betty from The Crucible, and end your day by rolling in a dusky field, basking in their sensual musk, enjoy this section. It covers my own shameless insertations into the Megaman X world.

If you're going to call my characters Mary Sues, fine. Just do me a favour: don't do anything as stupid as call Red herself a Mary Sue. Mary Sues are generally perfect and beautiful and all powerful. Red is loud, crude and lost a fight to Zero. Besides that, I'm sure she smells something like rotting meat at close quarters. She's not a Mary Sue; I'd say something more of a Gertrude Smith.

To avoid nasty spoilers, characters will be added to this list as they are introduced in their respective fanfics. So information on this page will change frequently.

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