They're the Hunters that jam their sabres up the arses of evil. They're the heros who haul you off the field when you've been mauled by some berserk reploid. They're the righteous bastards who give a damn about your safety, the angels in the centrefold...the good guys of MHHQ, the Guardians of Humanity in its darkest hour! (Pant)

So let's put our paws together for...

CELESTE McTREGGOR -- Huntress extraordinare, with a cursed bloodline

FORREST -- A speedy, silver reploid with an unfortunate christening.

PAUL WELLS -- Zero's forgotten son

GENESIS -- A reploid fox, captain of the Medical unit and a reincarnation of a popular robot.

A.G. -- A janitor reploid turned Hunter for a night

HACK -- See above!

PIP -- A small British reploid and scapegoat, assistant to Genesis.

TERRENCE -- A reploid that works in the kennels, and a complete wanker.

PHILLIP -- Terrence's best friend, and no smarter as a result.

TESSA GARRET -- Celeste's friend, a former occupant of the Refugee Camps.

JOSH GARRET -- Tess' husband

ERIC PAK -- Short-lived leader of the 'Rabid Squirrels.'

MAMA ROWLF -- Keeper of the kennels, a bitch in more ways than one.

OZZIE BONO -- Former assistant to Genesis

BILL PAINTER -- Best not ask...

JACKAL -- Lover of anything with wheels, looks after MHHQ's garage

CASS -- Gentle badger giant in charge of MHHQ's popular pub.

MONROE CAIN -- Estranged son of Dr. Cain, is left in charge of MHHQ after his dad takes ill. Black horror.

SEVEN -- Reploid panther who follows Monroe at very close quarters.

JODY -- Sly, sly, sly.


JACKDAW -- A nerve-wrackingly quiet human Huntress who smiles entirely too much.

SUPERTRAMP -- An injured she-wolf found and taken in by Jackal. Not popular except with her owner. Another unfortunate name.

Back, dogs!